About Table Touch

Ready for a fun restaurant podcast that highlights the movers and shakers in the restaurant industry?

A show where you’ll get the backstory on ingredients, dishes, legendary restaurant stories, luminary leaders, and forgotten concepts?

A restaurant show you won’t mind cranking up to 11 on your smartphone or PC, because you just KNOW other people around you will love as much as you do?

A restaurant podcast like this sounds great!

Well, maybe some day that podcast will come. In the meantime, we bring you Table Touch with Brandon Hull and Randy Lopez, where we make an attempt at such things.

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If you love food, stories, and the restaurant industry, you’ll love Table Touch. We’re the restaurant talk show for chefs, operators, chain leaders, and anyone else who follows the industry.

Each episode is less than an hour, and we talk about what’s going on in the restaurant world — from two guys working in it, but not in one. (Get it?)

What sets Table Touch apart from other restaurant podcasts?

Listen, we all think a lot about “work.” We think about food, marketing, and operations.

Brandon and Randy get to know the stories behind the things we take for granted in the restaurant industry: the ingredients, the people, the stories, the legends.

Restaurants don’t get much leeway. They don’t get much love. They’re the target of much foodie vitriol and angst when they don’t jump on every fad menu trend or when they fail to cater to every customer whim. And big brands often get knocked around as representing some of what’s bad about Corporate America.

And yet you look at the careers of so many restaurant leaders, and you see the same start as 50% of Americans. They’re like us. Mopping floors, flipping burgers, preparing food — that’s how they got their start.

In fact, millions upon millions of us got our working lives started working in a restaurant, oftentimes a chain restaurant. They’re constantly hiring as people move on to college, move on in their careers after doors open that weren’t open before, but they shape lives in the meantime.

So come on, listen in. We’re available through all major smartphone apps or you can listen online.

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The podcast launched in August 2014. There are multiple ways you can stay on top of new episodes:

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