Table Touch Past Episodes

Table Touch Podcast 016 — Restaurant News You Won’t Believe

New episodes of Table Touch: The Restaurant Talk Show are coming your way! Brandon Hull and Randy Lopez walk through a handful of ridiculous (but true?) restaurant news stories in this first episode of the new season. Best Bites Our Best Bites segment takes a back seat this episode — we’ve got something fun in mind for it … Read more

Table Touch Podcast 015 — Menu Mashups in Restaurants

Just how creative do you get with your restaurant menu? We talk menu mashups on this episode of Table Touch: The Talk Show for Restaurant Leaders. Much respect for restaurant brands who go out on a limb when trying this. Are you one of those? For a few articles around the Web that share a … Read more

Table Touch Podcast 014 — Ross Perkins & Eating Out in DC

Traveling to or eating out in Washington, D.C., anytime soon? Want to know some great hot spots to hit whether you live there or traveling through? You’re in for a treat. Ross Perkins (Twitter), Washington, D.C.-based writer for Eater and founder of Cajun Meets Asian, joins Brandon Hull and Randy Lopez on this 14th episode of Table … Read more

Table Touch Podcast 013 — Paul Motenko of Stacked on Building a Brand

Want a guidebook on building a great, high-tech and high-touch restaurant brand from scratch? Listen to this episode of Table Touch. In this special edition, we talk with Paul Motenko, co-CEO (with Jerry Hennessy) of Stacked, a four-location restaurant concept based in southern California. If you’re paying attention, you know we mentioned Stacked just last … Read more

Table Touch Podcast 011 — The Holiday Edition & Introducing ‘Best Bites’ We’re excited to bring you another episode of Table Touch: The Talk Show for Restaurant Leaders. It’s time for our holiday episode, number 11! We’re four months in! We started Table Touch in late August and as we peer into 2015, we are really excited for a new year to arrive with all sorts of … Read more

Table Touch Podcast 010 — Chavo Guerrero Jr. & His Restaurant Origins! We’ve said it before and will say it again: Restaurants get people started in their careers. What makes the restaurant industry great is the people. And it’s fun to hear people’s stories about working behind the counter, at the grill, in the front of the house serving customers. Know what OTHER industry has great … Read more

Table Touch Podcast 009 — No Kid Hungry & Winter Holiday Sales Halloween…Thanksgiving…Hannukah…Christmas…a literal feast for the restaurant industry. This is the glory stretch run for restaurants big and small, as gift card sales skyrocket, groups secure party rooms, catering opportunities increase, and charities abound to partner with. That’s the topic of conversation in our latest episode of the Table Touch restaurant podcast. We also talk with … Read more

Table Touch Podcast 008 — Ralph Rubio & Menus Menu decisions are among the most difficult for restaurant leaders to make. On this episode of the Table Touch podcast, we talk about the seemingly conflicting advice from these resources: 7 Menu-Writing Secrets That Sell The More You Say, The More They’ll Pay Americans are Tired of Long Restaurant Menus We also interview Ralph … Read more

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